Welcome to the East Campus!

Our East Campus, located at 21 N. Catherine Avenue in LaGrange, houses our youngest learners: Preschool 3 through kindergarten. Just a few blocks down the road from our Main Campus, East Campus is a wonderfully warm and inviting place for our students to begin their educational journey here at St. Francis Xavier School.


Morning Drop-Off

Thank you for your continued cooperation with drop-off and pick up procedures.  With the exception of a few train snags, the process is going quite well!!  Remember, for greatest efficiency, please pull you vehicle all the way up in the queue.  Even when preceding cars are slow to exit, due to train or traffic back-ups, it important for the next group of cars to wait patiently and pull all the way to the front before letting the children out.  This allows for the greatest number of cars to do the same.

As we enjoy walking in the warmer months, please remember to use the sidewalk along side of the building  (both pedestrians and strollers).  To help insure safe passage, leave the drive for cars only.


Dressing for Recess

The weather often unpredictable, it may be a challenge to dress children for the outdoors.  Just a reminder: Barring rain, thunder or large puddles we hope to take full-day students out to recess each day.  As the occasional “blustery day” comes along, please remember to dress children accordingly.


Birthday Treats

Birthday Treats: Food cannot be brought into the classroom as part of a birthday celebration. As an alternative, parents who wish to assist in the celebration of their child’s birthday in the classroom are encouraged to consider other options, such as:

  • Provide a small token gift for members of the classroom.
  • Donate a book in the name of your child to either the classroom library collection or the school’s library.
  • Other reasonable age appropriate ways to include classroom students.

Contact the East Campus Office

If you need to report an absence or contact the East Campus Office, please call 708-588-1472. If you’re interested in learning more about the school and scheduling a tour, please contact our Advancement Director Jennifer Courier at 708-352-2175.

Thank you for sharing for sharing your children with us at SFX East Campus!